July 27, 2011

Star Student Behaviour System [Updated]

Star Student Chart
This is how I plan to show my students how well they are working while providing opportunities for positive behavioural changes. Thanks to the Clutter-free Classroom blog for the great idea that I mad some changes to.
  • No trinkets, free time, or prizes (makes it cheap!)
  • Helps students understand where they are at and where they need to go
  • Extra motivation to remain on task
  • Focuses on positive rather than negative behaviours
How Does It Work?

Each student has a clothespin clipped to the side of the chart with their name on it to identify where on the continuum they currently are. Everyone starts out at "Ready to Learn" at the beginning of the day. Keep track of how students are doing by moving the clothespin up or down as needed.

If a student's clothespin is at the top at the end of the day, they get a star sticker to put on their clothespin. Once a student collects five stars, they get a new clothespin and colour it with a marker the next colour of the rainbow. Students keep exchanging their clothespins as they accumulate stars and move through the colours until they get to the special sparkle clothespin.

Colour Order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink (same as on the chart)

You can download your own Star Student Chart below! I made these files, feel free to modify. The banner version is quite helpful - just cut the solid lines on each page, paste the pages together, then laminate to create your own vertical banner!
  • Single Page Chart [PDF, single page]
  • Banner Chart [PDF, 10 pages, cut and paste] - tip: play with print settings to get whole image on page before printing!
Update (Nov. 7, 2011):
I have been using this system now for the first two months of school. I am happy to report that my students really like the chart and I find it very effective at helping students understand where on the continuum they currently are. It provides opportunities for students to correct their behaviour and rewards students for making positive changes.

Another update (Feb. 5, 2012):
My students are still really enjoying the "Outstanding Chart" (as we call it now). Some of my students have progressed through all of the colours so I'm adding silver and gold. I think I will add another section at the bottom next year that says "Away" for students who are gone for the day.


  1. Mr. Wood has followed these practices in our school to great success. Nominated for the "Ontario Premier's Award for Excellence, New Teacher of the Year" Award in 2011, he changed the entire attitude and academic performance of the students in our intermediate division.

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