July 21, 2011

First, We Need a Starting Point

They say, "in order to go forward we must first understand where we have been".  Here is the photographic evidence of what I have to work with...

View of the front of the room.  I have to do something about that green board.
Pretty nice windows with fully operational coverings - a first in public education.
The back of the room with a sink on the left.
The sideboard and doorway.

  • I have two computers
  • Student desks and chairs are only a year old
  • Teacher's desk is quite large
  • Row of built-in bookcases under each window
  • Closet with coatrack in the corner
  • Sink with lots of cupboards and drawers
  • Good light and sunshine
  • Wired and wireless network/Internet access
  • Large bulletin board at the back
  • Clips above the blackboard to hold chart paper
  • A working clock! It promptly broke down in the fall but K.F. donated a new one.

  • I have two computers
  • The green chalkboard is low contrast and dusty
  • No digital projector or speaker system (there is a shared cart on the floor)
  • No printer or scanner


  1. This classroom has such good lightning..so big and all the stuff looks good..and i think that green board can be change easily or you can just clean it!

  2. It looks like you are working on some great project for the welfare of human kind.I am glad to see you mentioning about this public school in such detail.